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So many books!!

I had the lovely surprise this moring of receiving an unexpected Amazon gift voucher- I wasted no time in going on-line and picking some books which are now on their way. I make this sound incredible easy but it took me nearly all morning to pick what I wanted to read as there were just so many to choose from. This is what I truly love about reading, there will always be something out there that catches your attention. I am new to blogging but over the past few weeks I have been inspired to investigate so many books simply by reading the blogs of others. Of course part of me hopes that someone will one day read this amateur blog and find it interesting but really I have already learnt and gained so much.

The Girls by Lori Lansen

This book is the story of Rose and Ruby Darlen, the world's oldest, surviving craniopagus twins. Written as an autobiography, mainly from Rose's viewpoint, the reader is taken on a journey of the sister's lives.
Although forced to be each other's constant companion, Lansen subtly displays to the reader how the girls are two very different people with vastly different inerests having to accomodate each others needs. Throughout the book Rose and Ruby often give you their own very different accounts of an event or experience and make assumptions as to what the other sister is feeling and thinking.
The book slowly draws you in, you expect the sisters to be extraordinary but it is the other characters and events that keep you turning the pages; by the end of the book I was left feeling like a part of the Darlen family.
Running throughout the book is the incredible bond that the sisters share even though they have never once been able to look into each others eyes. However, it…

Not going well so far!

My resolution for 2008 was to read far more books than I managed to read in 2007- so we are nearly half way through January and I have read only one and just started The Girls so definitely need to get a move on! There is just so much that I want to read- I have a large amount of books sitting on the shelf that I bought last year and did not get round to. Therefore I am setting myself a challenge to try and read all the leftovers from last year by the beginning of February and then I have the perfect excuse to buy more books!!

Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White is not the kind of book that I would normally read but I loved it! Until Hell's Kitchen was screened last year I did not know who the infamous chef was but after watching the programme I was intrigued. The book is obviously about how Marco Pierre White rose to be the only British chef to achieve 3 Michelin stars but along the way there is so much more. You get to glimpse behind the scenes at some of the most prestigi…